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AR Book Levels

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Millionaire Readers

M.D. Betts Elementary
Millionaire Readers

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The following students have read over 1,000,000 words and maintained a 90% average throughout the year!

*Diego A.   Galilea S.   Jesus L.
Daniel O.   Angela M.   *Arely V.
David L.   Camila V.   Scarlett F.
Ricardo A.

* = students who are "multi" millionaires

Accelerated Reader/Renaissance Learning

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Parents, to view your child's reading progress on AR, visit... 
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The Username and Password are the same as those that the students use at school.
If you need any assistance, please feel free to stop by the library.

To find out if the book you are reading is an AR book, visit...
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You can search for book titles based on authors, topics, or titles of books.
Just type what you want to search for in the blank field and click Go

Century Club

M.D. Betts Elementary
Century Club Readers

Image of Century Club Readers
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The following students have earned 100 or more points through AR testing and maintained a 90% average or higher throughout the year!


Diego A.   Galilea S.   Camila V.   Daniel O.
Jesus L.   Natalie V.   Angela M.   Jesus P.
Ricardo A.   Brisa C.   Arely V.   Scarlett F.
Ariana H.   David L.   Mia V.   Charles Z.
Julian C.   Cristopher H.   Xitlali M.   Jedaiah G.
Gianna R.   Belicia M.   Saul C.   Caleb M.
Tricia B.   Kassandra D.L.C.   Uziel F.   Dyra Z.
Nathaniel G.   Oscar F.   Rodrigo G.   Adrian L.
Christian C.   Alexa S.   Nicolas L.   Litsany H.
Ivan M.   Jose M.   Kenia C.   Miguel V.   Maillet I.
Joshua A.   Horacio A.   Mateo H.   Jesus E.
Omar V.   Jonathan B.   Joselyn V.   Alondra G.
Nate R.   Citlali A.   Eric P.

Honor Roll Educators 2016-2017

Image of Renaissance National Library Honor Roll Logo    Image of Renaissance National School Honor Roll Logo

Honor Roll Classrooms
The following classrooms have maintained a 90% average through AR testing over a 25-week period...

Image of Renaissance National Teacher Honor Roll Logo

1st grade - S.J. Olivarez, E. Ybarra, M. Miller, B. Lumbreras
2nd grade - M. Lozano, H. Martinez, M. Ortiz, V. Campos
3rd grade - E. Leon, M. Mendoza
4th grade - L. Garate, S. Moralez-Garcia, S. Longoria
5th grade - J. Gomez, P. Handy, C. Reyna, I. Mora
Discovery - J. Delgado


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 Image of the 2013-2014 Model/Master Celebration
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from 2013-2014 Model/Master Celebration


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